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Instant 24 hour service with no contract

Transporting the motorcycle to a workshop of your choice
Transporting an uninsured motorcycle

Transporting a motorcycle without a license plate

Transporting the motorcycle to a 24-hour vulcanizer

Battery start with special Booster

Possibility of sending and receiving from and to agencies-ports and transport from and to various prefectures of Greece
ATV and Buggy transportation possible

Storing your motorcycle indoors if there are non-working days and hours in between

Possibility of transporting new motorcycles from dealerships-shops

Possibility of transporting an unaccompanied motorcycle

Possibility of transporting up to two motorcycles with the same Van

 Roadside assistance MOTO without a contract
 MOTO roadside assistance without subscription in the event of a traffic accident or breakdown or even if you are absent while transporting it
 Pickup and shipping of your motorcycle to and from ports and agencies
 We ensure the transport of your motorcycle with respect for it and above all with the aim of providing the best service to the motorcyclist, with specially designed vans for the safety of your motorcycle
 Possibility of transporting a motorcycle to and from the province on the same day (after consultation)

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